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Baby Light Therapy is Saffron Splash's first commercial project. Upon viewing both our experimental short filmsNature Bright wanted to utilize our production team for a marketing campaign to promote the Baby Light Sleep Therapy Trainer

Huang and Saffron Splash's art director scouted the homes of friends for film locations and settled on a newly-purchased house that had ample lighting. The family who lived there made a perfect cast for the commercial. The mother has a quick-witted and welcoming personality making her an ideal choice for Nature Bright's ad. Her children were well-behaved and camera-ready. The happy American family grasped the aesthetic of the Baby Light Sleep Therapy Trainer.

With our cinematographer's suggestion to incorporate a testimonial theme for the commercial, Huang drafted the script with primary talking points, product benefits, and a competitive landscape of the Sleep Trainer. Later on, through a brief interview process, Saffron Splash identified the mother's primary concerns about the functionalities of the Baby Light Therapy unit.

The day before the shoot, we left the family with a sample unit to try out. Huang also went back to their home to identify the production design elements, the kids' room decor and color elements, wardrobes, and accessories that would enhance the lighting and art direction. 

On the day of production, we arranged for shots between the kids' napping schedule. We filmed from one nursery to another, followed by the kitchen area and the family room. Principle photography was completed in one day. Following production, Huang and the cinematographer/editor came up with the main storyline for the commercial. This included determining a problem, providing a solution through the Nature Bright Baby Light Therapy Sleep Trainer, and concluding with happy parents caring for their young children with ease.  

The commercial production process went smoothly. The Saffron Splash team was thrilled that the commercial came to light so nicely. Upon reviewing the final project, Nature Bright's CEO gave us a two thumbs up! Last month, we made a shorter version of the commercial upon the suggestion of our social media consultant, and since then, it has been on the homepage of Nature Bright's website. 


Saffron Splash Experimental Short Film Production

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